I am two books into a newly discovered author and I felt the time was right to share my thoughts with the world!

Like a new friend, a new author can be exciting but there can be trepidation -- will we both gel?

I often find the best things are discovered by chance. It’s easy to slip into the mundane treadmill and follow the sheep.  Be it the clothes we wear, the food we buy, or in this case the books we read.

I generally read crime fiction as my default literature.  Autobiographies of interesting people, and factual historic accounts often pique my interest, but for a day to day fun read I gravitate towards a good murder.

This genre is stuffed full of giants so it’s easy to get stuck in the rut of the crime novel charts!  

When I do embark on a new author I start at the beginning – always a good start.  The author may have knocked out a dozen books before I started a journey with them, but I go straight to book one.  I prefer to develop my understanding of the character and the writer’s style; grow with them through the highs and lows.

Recently I have enjoyed the works of Anne Cleeves, Anna Smith, Lin Anderson and Peter May.  I’ve consumed everything they’ve written -- in order -- in a short period of time.  What a journey and on the most part a fabulous read.  

I then needed to move on to a new author – who would it be?  I turned to social media and put a Tweet out to @GrabThisBook (well worth a follow).  I simply asked for some random recommendations, stating my last few authors as a clue to my style.

Mr GrabThisBook quickly replied and recommended a few authors.

I had to pick one, so I settled on Angela Marsons. Who?  Yeah, I’ve not heard of her either, but I stuck with it.  

(I will come back and visit the others soon) 

Angela Marsons' Silent Scream

Angela (may I be so familiar Ms Marsons?) has written several books – which I detail at the end of this wittering – and naturally I started on book one, page one: Silent Scream.

I have no intention of inserting any spoilers, or waxing lyrically about the book’s content – there’s reviews a plenty for the reading elsewhere.  

However, I can confirm that I quickly entered into Angela’s book with great enthusiasm.  It was an excellent page turner.  Her lead character, Detective Kim Stone, had the usual forceful nature of so many female leads in crime fiction. To be fair, I don’t think I’ve ever read crime fiction with a meek male or female lead.  

Naturally there’s a back story to Kim – a vulnerability.  There’s the strong professional Kim too.  All sounds very predictable, however there’s an underlying quality to Kim that makes you almost immediately warm to her.  Angela has created a useful, endearing lead character and you just have to continue travelling along with her.  Willing her on, and offering protection in the form of your virtual support.

I rattled through book one, driven along on the wave of Kim and her awesome skills.  

Angela Marsons has researched her subject and characters well and cleverly weaves us through an awesome thriller of epic quality. There will be many moments where you are on the edge of you chair as the story unfolds, and DI Kim uses her own ‘charm’ and clever observational skills to piece together and solve the crime.

I loved every page of the book.  It had a certain naïve writing style which I warmed to.  Having recently complete a set of books from a long established author, I was frustrated by the writing gymnastics used in the book's overall flow.  Angela kept the story flowing naturally and with ease.

I had of course to immediately jump into book two – Evil Games. Once again DI Kim is doing what she does best.  I read most of the book while away on business, however I finished the last few chapters in the garden at home on a lovely sunny Saturday afternoon.  Again, the story was enticing, exciting and enchanting.

Book two offered a very subtle change in Angela’s writing style; it was not detrimental to the story nor the momentum.

In summary, I have no hesitation in recommended Angela Marsons’ Silent Scream or Evil Games. (I flatter myself that my recommendation counts towards anything!)  

Both books are up there with my favourites of recent years.  I’m eager to move onto the third in the series as I continue my journey with Kim.

I wish Angela huge success and look forward to more fabulous page turners.

Angela Marsons’ bibliography

Her books are all available online via Amazon, or in good book sellers.  I’d love you to support your local independent bookseller if possible. 

I understand Ms Marsons has now committed to eight books in the Kim Stone series.

  • Silent Scream – 20 Feb 2015
  • Evil Games – 20 May 2015
  • Lost Girls – 6 Nov 2015
  • Play Dead – 20 May 2016
  • Blood Lines – due 4 Nov 2016

Other published works:

  • The Forgotten Woman –  4 October 2013
  • Dear Mother – 1 February 2014

Some further details are on Angela Marsons’ website (although not often updated), with a little insight into her story. She is available on Twitter or Facebook.  I’m delighted to say she is a very interactive Tweeter and I have had the pleasure of some brief exchanges with her as I raced through her books.

Time for a gin and book three I reckon…. 


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Ed Gibb on 19 Sep 2016 18:28:15

Great write up. I'm always keen to discover new authors

Pauline on 20 Sep 2016 22:57:12

I'm sold. Off to buy this on Amazon. I'll come back to let you know what I thought. Thanks for the review