This has to be one of the simplest recipes in my repertoire, yet it is tasty and cheap too.  The chorizo gives great flavour and the chickpea add texture and bulk.


  • One chorizo (the U shaped kind in the chilled section of your local store)
  • One can of chickpeas
  • Two red onions
  • Carton of Passata (500g) or a tin of chopped tomatoes
  • a teaspoon of sugar.
  • A bag of microwave long grain rice
  • One cup of frozen garden peas


  • Chop the red onion into chunky pieces
  • Half the chorizo down the middle and cut into chunks
  • Heat a large frying pan, or wok, on a high heat with no oil.  Reduce the heat to medium. Drop in the chorizo and dry fry for a few minutes. The chorizo will start to ooze a peppery paprika based oil. Now add the onions and toss around for a few more minutes.
  • Drain the chickpeas and add to the mix.
  • Pour in the passata/tomatoes and stir well.  Add the teaspoon of sugar to remove the bitterness of the tomatoes.
  • Simmer for ten minutes, stirring occasionally. If the mix looks quite dry add a half cup of water and mix well.
  • meanwhile place the frozen peas in a microwave dish and heat for about two minutes.
  • Prepare a bag of microwave rice (ping for two minutes)
  • Mix the rice and peas.
  • Serve and Enjoy
Chorizo and Chickpea, with rice and peas. Here I've added some mushroom and peppers

Chorizo and Chickpea, with rice and peas. Here I've added some mushroom and peppers

The dish is a very generous two person portion or a skimpy four person.  There is ample chorizo/chickpea mix for four so add another bag of rice for four people.

Tip: Try to use Passata -- sieved tomatoes.  Sold in cartons; usually near the other tomato based products.  


Include two chicken breasts, diced and stir fried with the chorizo, before the onion is added -- this will add protein and bulk it up even further.

Alternatively add a pepper and/or mushrooms for additional texture.


This is a surprising cost effective meal. Without the variations it worked out at around £3.20 for four people - 80p each.


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RoseACam on 21 Jan 2015 22:00:41

I made this substituting a red pepper for one of the red onions and served it with pasta instead of rice. Very tasty. I'll definitely try it again - maybe leaving out the chickpeas for a tasty pasta sauce with less carbs. Might also try with chicken and chorizo. The chorizo has a wonderful flavour.

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