It's never been easier to switch your mobile provider.  Gone are the days of waiting on the phone to speak to someone in another continent; you can now switch by text message.

OfCom, the UK regulator for the telecoms industry, have been working hard to make our life simpler when we need a PAC.

If you are moving your mobile network provider and you want to keep your mobile number, as most of us do, you will need a PAC (Porting Authorisation Code). This little number is shared with your new network and they will migrate your mobile number to their service.  You have no loss of service (maybe 10 minutes), and everything should work flawlessly. 

The hardest part has often been getting the PAC.  Some providers asked you call their 'dedicate team', and use the opportunity to do the hard sell to try and retain you.

No more -- One text message is all it takes.

How does it work?

If you've found an awesome new mobile deal send a text message to 65075 simply saying PAC.  Within one minute your provider must respond with the magic code.  If you're still within contract they will tell you this too, and how much it would be to leave the contract.  Provide your PAC to the new provider as part of sign up and leave the rest to the mobile pixies

Your current service continues until the PAC is used.  The code expires in 30 days if not used by another service provider.

You will not be double charged either -- there is no notice period.  Your old provider can not charge your after a switch.  So no 30-days paying old and new.

Other useful numbers

Most people want to keep their mobile number when switching, but if not ask for a STAC (service termination authorisation code). Use this when signing up for a new mobile and they will terminate the current number and give you a new one.  

Text ‘STAC’ to 75075

If you are curious as to what your termination costs would be, get information about your contract:

Text ‘INFO’ to 85075


Some providers allow PAC requests online, but ALL UK providers must support this new text service.

Available now in the UK


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