Forking Mad
July 7th, 2024

A sensational Empire

I consider myself a bit of a connoisseur of the Empire Biscuit 😊

Imagine my delight when I stumble across a stall at a local Farmers' Market whose baked delights included Empire biscuits of a size I have never seen.  Size doesn't matter -- right?  But the thought of more shortbread, more jam in the middle, and more icing on the top, not to mention the sweet treat crowning it, excited my inner child.

I set myself a challenge in self-control -- I would not eat it on the day of purchase, but wait until the following day. 

That day has arrive.

Photo of a large empire biscuit, sitting on a white plate.  A small insert photo top right showing the same plate with crumbs
Empire biscuit in all its glory. I should have included something for scale

I can confirm that this vast disc (12cm/5 inches across) was a sensation.

I am glad(!) that I only purchased one.  A second sugar bomb would have been very decadent.

According to the Wikipedia page the biscuit has a number of names across the globe.  It claims that here in Scotland we refer to it as the Belgian biscuit.  In my 54 years-young life I have always known it as Empire so no idea who wrote that! 

In the interests of global reach it can be known as Empire Cookie, Imperial biscuit; double biscuit, German biscuit, Linzer biscuit, Deutsch biscuit, Belgian biscuit, biscuit bun.

Do you like them?  What do you call them?  Comments