Forking Mad
January 30th, 2024

Git Me!

A new discovery in my life: Git

As a hobby developer, and occasional dev. in my career, I have been aware of Git and GitHub.  However, I've never given it much head space; I saw it more as a tool for collaboration with other developers.

Recently I decided to dabble while I had some down time.  I've finally got a better handle on it and I used the tool when I was writing my first python script.  It really helped me in keeping control of version, and changes.  It has been great in how I run a test system and updating live too.  I realise I am very late to the party.

I even took the step of publishing my code; that was a big consideration as I know everyone will then judge my work -- we're judged enough in life.  😜

I decided to skip the traditional GitHub as my repository for git, and instead went with Codeberg.  Mostly, as I am trying to conduct my digital life outwith the 'control' of big corporates.  (GibHub being part of Microsoft).