Forking Mad
March 21st, 2024

I was a slave to emails

I've done something quite radical -- I've disabled notifications for my emails. 🔕

There, I feel better now that I have confessed.

It has become apparent that I (and probably you) are slaves to notifications.  As soon as your Desktop or Mobile device pings, you can't resist having a look.  It often means someone is ready to consume some of your time  -- either by a reply, or an action.

This immediacy fuels distraction and focus from whatever you were doing.

Well, it's over.  I have turned off notifications for email.  I will decide when I have time to read my emails and give it the appropriate amount of time.

I feel liberated, and it's only been a few days. I am no longer a slave to the emails.

I turned off social media notifications several months ago -- that too was a blessing.  I am in control.

Try it, I dare you 😁

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