'smol' laundry capsules through the post.  Yes, it's true; it's a thing now.

But just how good are they?

It seems we can get almost anything by post these days.  Amazon may have started the online ordering revolution, and still dominates, but everyone who is anyone now delivers.

I am a massive supporter of small businesses, and shopping locally.  I try my best to buy from the bakers, the butchers, farm shops, etc.  I've yet to find a candlestick maker to complete my list.

Local producers and suppliers are very important to me.  I might pay a little more but I strongly believe the quality is far superior to mass production.  Also, if you actually look at cost there's often not much in it.  However, I appreciate the massive supermarket machine has a place -- it does, after all, employ people.

So back to 'smol'....

I've never found a local producer of laundry cleaning products so visits to the supermarket do happen.  Loo rolls, cleaning products, etc.

But now we have smol.  The concept is similar to any subscription based service, but what I really like is there is no tie in and no minimum contract period.  You use and pay for what you need, at your own intervals.

Basically, you tell the website how often you do laundry and it will suggest how often to deliver a package.  You can adjust and pause at any time.

I firstly opted for the trial -- nine capsules for free, plus a modest £1 for delivery.  You get the choice of bio or non-bio.

A few days later they arrived through the letter box -- which is handy as it saves worrying about packages being left.

I've nothing much to say about their abilities.  I'm not a brand junkie with my laundry -- I buy whatever is on offer.  Everything cleans the same, in my experience.

As expected they worked perfectly.  Several days later I received an email reminding me that my first batch of 24 capsules would be sent soon.  I could cancel or delay as needed.  I had no reason to cancel.

24 smol capsules, in a recyclable container, delivered to your door

24 smol capsules, in a recyclable container, delivered to your door

smol Cost?

Price wise they are amazing.  £3.85 for 24 capsules; equates to 16p each.  Postage is included in that.  A quick check of various supermarket websites and the best i could find for a brand was 20p, but most averaging 26p

​Who are smol?

Smol was developed by Paula Quazi, former vice president of marketing for Unilever Europe, and her former marketing colleague Nick Green.   Unileaver are massive -- they produce hundreds of brands and generated £53bn of revenue last year.  The founders of smol will know a thing or two about laundry capsules!

More questions

There are plenty of Q&As on their website.

24 Bio smol capsules

24 Bio smol capsules

Go on, try the free trial:  https://smolproducts.com/

It's fair to say I am hooked -- it's one less thing I need to worry about in the shopping basket.

And just to be clear:  I have no affiliation with smol.  Nor have I been contacted or asked to write anything.  I've done this of my own free will to share a great find.


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Lyndsey K on 14 Jul 2018 17:48:59

I will never buy detergents at the supermarket again, these little capsules are amazing. Clean my clothes amazingly and smell great. Plus saves me dragging heavy loads with my bad back and the price is amazing. Thanks Smol.

Angie lancashire on 21 Jul 2018 00:19:58

Would like to try

Shopwood on 04 Nov 2018 17:39:34

SMOL ..... is amazing , I was sceptical about them , I mean it was going to be hard for my decision to be swayed from bold !!
But wooowww , I have 2 girls that loving rolling down grass banks ect and a dog that loves mud and where as 2 washed with bold would have to happen... smol got the stains first time. They smell amazing, leave the clothes soft and are cheap !! Would definitely recommend a switch to anyone !

Irene on 29 Jun 2019 20:08:36

For such a small thing I was very surprised that it did clean the washing, can't say it had a nice smell as I used conditioner, but all round quite good