I thought I would try an experiment, using the power of social media, to bulk buy some gin.  The idea is simple: get a few people to comit to a purchase with the aim of saving on delivery charge.

The back story

I'm an avid gin drinker. I enjoy trying new gins and exciting my taste buds. There are so many wonderful new producers coming to market and it's a challenge to keep up, but one I fully embrace smiley

I've had my eye on an exciting gin from the Isle of Harris.  It's infused with nine botanics, aiming to capture the elemental nature on the island. One of these botanics is  sugar kelp -- that's seaweed to you and me.  The kelp is hand collected by local divers around the Outter Hebrides and used to add a robust marine flavour.

Isle of Harris Gin only lunched in late 2015 and is currently produced in small batches.  

I've been lucky enough to try the gin and was blown away with the unique flavour of this clear, charming liquid.

(c) Isle of Harris Distillery

(c) Isle of Harris Distillery

The Problem

Isle of Harris Gin is produced on a small island on the North West of Scotland.  There are many challenges to living and working remotely, but I am sure equally amazing benefits.  For us gin drinkers the logistics of sourcing a bottle of the good stuff is difficult as it's only available online or at their distillery.

A bottle of the kelppie goodness comes in at £35, however there's an additional £7.50 delivery charge -- yes an extra 22%.  This makes me sad.  (Latest update: A single bottle delivery is now £6.  Between two and six remain at £7.50)

The Plan

I thought it would be fun to try and bulk buy the gin, and keep the delivery costs down.  Isle of Harris distillery will ship up to six bottles for a single delivery charge, so if six of us agree to buy a bottle we can make a good saving on the penalty charge.

Here's a handy table showing the savings:

Quantity Delivery cost per person
1 7.50
2 3.75
3 2.50
4 1.88
5 1.50
6 1.25

So if six people committed to buying a bottle, we would each pay only £1.25 delivery as we share the costs.


Obviously this only works if we are all local, as we don't want to then have to pay to send it on to our pseudo club members.

I am based in Dumfries & Galloway in SW Scotland.   I'm sure with a little planning I can get a bottle to other people around D&G.  I also know enough people that I could get a bottle to you in Glasgow or Edinburgh via a pre arranged collection point.

If you're further afield why not see if you can get another few people together and you can all split the costs.

If there is enough interest in this I will ask you to send payment to me before I order the gin --  via bank transfer or my verified Paypal account.  

What do you think?  Interested?  Leave a general comment for questions, or contact me for specifics.

I'll update this article if/when we have interested social buyers and we can then agree the best time to purchase. It would be awesome if six people agreed to do this, but the more the merrier.

Gin Gin :)

UPDATE: Delighted to report twelve of us are on board

UPDATE2:  The gin has arrived and is now being distributed

Twelve Gin bottles sitting on the wall

Twelve Gin bottles sitting on the wall


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