Although I only started my gardening journey this year, I've had great fun and lots of ideas.  Some of my plans will need to wait until next years growing season, however I was keen to get a polytunnel or greenhouse.

After much deliberation, and an impulse buy one day, I now have a polytunnel.

I've been hankering after a poly tunnel for a few months -- this is my first year of gardening and there has been a lot to do but a poly tunnel seems like the next obvious step.

Am I too late in the year for one?


The midge can be a serious pest to the gardener, but also for anyone who spends time out doors.  Smaller than a grain of rice, these tiny terrors irritate the skin as they bite and draw a small amount of blood.  

I am always trying new ways to combat them and think I have found the answer, for me at least.


I know you have all been on the edge of your seat wondering what I would do in the aftermath of the worn out gloves story.

Initially I went for a few days without much protection -- in fact only simple latex disposal gloves.  However this idea proved stupid and the quest was on for new gloves.

I can't believe I have worn a hole in my gardening gloves already!  I only bought them in February.

I thought they might last a little longer, especially as they are latex coated.  I found them very useful for weeding because I did not need to worry about nettles stinging me.