Early spring is such a welcome sight. Mother nature is teasing us with some early signs of activity in the garden but we are often reminded that cool air is still prevalent.

The snowdrops are beginning to turn but the crocuses are stepping up and sharing a vibrant display of colours.


It's early spring in the garden, which can only mean one thing; well two!

Snowdrops, crocuses (croci) and daffodils are arriving AND so is spring :-)


My sunflowers are coming to and end. Some are further on in the cycle than others but I'm planning to harvest the seeds.

I'd like to keep a few for next years growing and the rest can go to the birds.


The weather for the last several days has been amazingly hot, to the point that very little is being done in the garden beyond some basic weeding, etc.

The sunshine has certainly brought many of the plants on at an amazing speed; today I thought I would give you a tour of a few flowers around my garden.


I really enjoy looking at beautiful roses; I much prefer them on a live plant as oppose to cut stems, but not everyone is able to accommodate a rosebush. My roses are well established, however I have the blight of black-spot and I seem powerless to overcome it.


So far I have found eighteen different varieties of daffodils in the garden.

Can you help me by naming them?  

Of all the flowers in my garden I really enjoy daffodils -- it the first true sign that spring is on the way and a lovely splash of yellow really lifts a rather brown and drab garden.

Sadly the season is all too short and these fabulous blooms start to sag and die. Their finally flourish of colour turning to a deeper yellow with the texture of tissue paper.