Last year, you may recall, I planted potatoes in late July. The aim was to nurture them until Christmas and have home grown, freshly dug-up potatoes.

Sadly that did not go too well.


The day has finally arrived; the potatoes are coming out of the ground.  Long before machinery was available the local school kids would get a week off school to help the farmer with the harvest. To this day some of our local schools still get a holiday and refer to it as tattie pickin' week.

I think my sixteen plants do not warrant hoards of children to assist me.


Recently I read about late/second cropping potatoes and the possibility of fresh potatoes in October. Further reading suggested I could have them as late as December with some careful management of the crop. Imagine being able to dig up and serve home grown potatoes over the Christmas period.

I jumped online and placed my order.


I planted my potatoes quite late, I think!  They have been in for nine weeks but have grown at a phenomenal rate.  The potato bed now looks very busy, almost as if they are all vying for attention.

I've been reading up on when they should be harvested, and also seeking advice from fellow gardeners via the social networks.

I've been putting off getting the potatoes in the ground for various reasons.  Initially I was waiting on them sprouting shoots (there's probably a name for that).  It seemed to take an age for the potatoes to get going but I think they are now good to go.