It's been quite a while since I blogged about my gardening adventures.  To be honest nothing much has been happening.  I'm not advanced enough to cultivate ideas for the spring, or over-winter plants.  That will come with time.  So for now, I look out at a rather drab, brown and mostly damp garden.

Today did bring a rather fierce storm - not unexpected by any means. The weather forecasting people were spot on and the 70-100mph winds arrived in the early hours of the morning and continued their wrath until about 11am.

I only had one garden casualty.....


I've been refusing to accept that summer is coming to an end; trying to eke out every ray of sunshine and each glimpse of blue sky. However, the weather men keep giving us very autumnal forecasts.

This weekend past was one such forecast; the impending 'storm'.


At this time of year so much is growing in the garden. Vegetables and fruit are busy developing and producing their wares. Flowers are often in full bloom too.  However a heavy spell of rain can ruin the youngsters in the garden! 

It is worth taking a little time to consider, and protect, your young plants and delicate flowers.


It's been raining all day so nothing done in the garden.  I am itching to get a few veg planted, including some sweet potatoes and aubergines that are ready for outdoors, I hope!

In the meantime I have been taking some pictures; here are a few close-up shots of raindrops to remind us that rain is indeed beautiful and life-giving.