It seems everything in the garden is growing at a phenomenal rate -- especially the weeds.

Grass too is flourishing in the warm weather.  So just how long is a blade of grass?!


Today was another phenomenally warm and sunny one.  I think we have had at least two solid weeks of wall to wall sunshine.  The temperature was hovering around 27°C, as it has done for several days.  The high temperatures have really hindered any serious work in the garden.

Today, under the shade of a large tree, I set about weeding a gravel path.

The weather forecast was for cold and wet; based on the view that greeted me this morning I would say it was an accurate assessment.

However, as the afternoon crept along the rain disappeared, the wind lifted and the sun shone on occasion   The breeze made for a cool outdoor experience but I was determined to do something in the garden so I got stuck in to weeding, which kept me warm!