Firstly, welcome to my ramble!

I started this blog to document my own journey around my garden.  At 43 years old I have had several gardens but taken little time to work with them.  I saw the garden as a place to relax after the working day/week.

My current home, based in the South-west of Scotland, came with a well established garden -- the property was built in the mid 1700's so the garden has been around for a while!!  I moved in mid July 2012 and did very little for the remainder of the year.  The odd bit of weeding, the weekly grass cutting exercise (which I must admit I pay someone else to do) and of course the obligatory relaxing in the garden with beer/wine/gin/BBQ/all of those.

As the year 2013 burst into life I decided the time was right to start taming the garden a little.  I made a conscious decision in March to become middle-aged and get the project started.

Things moved on in mid-2014 and I wanted to blog about more than just gardening. I liked the name of the blog so I decided to re-brand(!) to encompass a variety of topics.  The new logo is a reflection of various general topics -- a garden fork, a kitchen knife and plate, a mouse and a devil. These represent gardening, cooking, technology and my wild and varied opinions!

The Name

A few people have asked where the name 'Forking Mad' came from.

One day while tackling an awkward patch of the garden, with my newly purchased garden fork, I stopped for a breath to admire the work so far.  Despite so much enthusiasm and the feeling of burning off thousands of calories there still seemed so much to do.

As I stood there, one hand on my hips, the other on the fork handle I suddenly exclaimed to my audience of none, "I must be forking mad" -- clearly a play on words, or more precisely toning down the expletive.

So there you have it --the phrase stuck in my mind and when I decided a few weeks later to blog about my experiences it was the obvious moniker for the site.


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