I feel a little behind with my veg growing this year.  Mostly because I was moving house mid April and there were far too many other things to concern myself with.  I did manage a few seeds in trays but not much.

Now the rhythm of life has settled down again, we are installed in the new house and garden, I found time to pop a few more seeds in.

Today I sowed:

  • Rainbow Chard
  • Purple Carrots
  • Sweet peas

No point showing a picture of a seed tray!  However, I did manage to sow a little before moving and they have finally made an appearance:

Courgettes to the left, French beans to the right

Courgettes to the left, French beans to the right

I've got some golden courgettes to add to the sowing party soon. I'd like to get some more French beans in too.

Some beet root needs to get into the garden but I need to prepare a veg bed in the new place!  I' planning to get some tomatoes going too.


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